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Showing the real Johnny Depp

Welcome to WeRJohnny

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For nearly 40 years, actor, director, producer, writer, musician, painter, artist & philanthropist, Johnny Depp has shared his immeasurable talents & blessings with the world.

His peers consider him the greatest actor of his generation. What makes him truly remarkable is his devotion to his fans, whom he calls family, to people in need, as well as his candid honesty & humbleness.

WeRJohnny seeks to provide a place where his fans, supporters & those that care deeply about

truth & justice can unite, not just in support of Johnny Depp, but in support of one another.

It’s a place to share experiences, art, poetry, writing, inspiration, music, films, television, charity & so much more

It’s also a place where you can explore the truth & evidence pertaining to Johnny Depp’s legal cases in his pursuit of justice & the serious issues surrounding domestic violence & false accusations.

WeRJohnny is a reflection of the man we support, comprised of men & women of all ages from across the globe;

some are fans, some may or may not like Mr. Depp’s films & music, but support the man, & some are survivors of domestic/sexual violence.

Together we are united & committed to a mission of truth, justice, compassion, empathy, charity, support & service through fellowship & friendship.

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