We are with you Johnny

Happy Holidays

Celebrating the holidays 


“From my home to yours, with much love to each and every one of you wonderful brothers and sisters of mine. As we look forward to the new year together I want to thank you so much for your loving encouragement and support of the art I have created for our community and beyond. I am grateful for every tweet and YouTube comment. We’re almost there, Virginia is rapidly approaching and I eagerly look forward to Johnny Depp winning his defamation case, clearing his name. Thank you for all you do and continue to do.”


“In Queensland hosting the family Christmas this year, so will be hot and humid, feasting on cold turkey, prawns and salads, kids screaming, dogs barking and the Greek aunties faffing. Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat Red heart #Deppcember


“Australian Christmas, all decorated and ready to go!!!”

Kountry Waldmignon

#WeRJohnny #JohnnyDepp

“We need Christmas Smiling face with 3 heartsFace with tears of joy let’s celebrate the magic of the season Christmas tree

Nina Allen

” I love Christmas here in Wisconsin! I put up as many lights as possible!  ❤️🎄❤️ Traditional ❤️ red and green 💚 for me!!! I collect Santa’s and very fond of the old time Santa’s with the long robes!!!

Santa ClausChristmas treeRed heart Happy Holidays Red heartChristmas treeSanta Claus


“My mom’s favorite holiday was Christmas. Every year, my grandmother & I try to celebrate in her honor. This year, my grandmother decided to put up a tree & called me over to help Green heart for mom Christmas treeSmiling face with halo. This tree represents strength, love & hope for people like her Purple heart #DV


” I live in Belgium and we celebrate Christmas here on December 25th. For Christmas we put up our Christmas tree after December 6th (since that’s an other holiday here in Belgium, mostly for children). We celebrate Christmas with our entire family with some fine food and a good glass of cava, champagne or wine and we usually gourmet in the evening. After that we give each other some Christmas-gifts. Then we have New Year and that’s basically similar to Christmas but now we just stay up very late and usually get a bit more drunk as midnight arrives.


“Happy Holidays from Robbie and her 2 little cuties in Nashville, Tennessee”


“Happy Holidays from Florida.


“Happy Holidays from Greenville, South Carolina!”


“Happy Holidays from snowy Oregon, USA!


“Happy Holidays from MissTeapot & Jack (JD’s biggest fan) in the UK!”


“Happy Holidays from the UK!


“Happy Holidays & seasons greetings from Scotland!”


“Happy Holidays from Ft. Worth, Texas!


“Happy Holidays!
My ‘Santa Ood’ Xmas decoration. Tiny living.”

Vibeke Samuelsen

“Happy Holidays and merry Christmas from Norway!

Saskia Sordon

“Merry Deppxmas!
From Germany Hannover!”

Sum Gal

“Happy Festivities to all of our Warrior Family!

Lizzie Borden

“Gonna eat, drink and get VERY Merry!! Happy Christmas to all from UK x.”


“Merry Christmas to you all.

Voodoo Doll

Tonight is the longest night of the year and the last night of the fall that is called #yalda in Persian, we celebrate this night with our family and friends, so #happyayalda everyone I hope y’all having a great time.
#YaldaNight #YalDepp #JohnnyDepp #WeRJohnny

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Neala and Jill

“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”