We are with you Johnny

Why I support JD

Why I support JD

“I’m a man, father, a husband, a brother … I believe in evidence, justice & the truth. I’ve researched Mr. Depp, his legal cases, looked at evidence, witnesses, & I believe Johnny Depp. I believe in standing up for all genuine victims & for the truth.”

~ The Right Side of the Roaring Rapids

“I support #JohnnyDepp because I believe him. He has always been a kind and caring soul and I believed that would not change overnight. I then read the evidence and it told me I was right. He has a strength of character not often seen so I help by supporting him the best I can.”

~ Diane

“In the very beginning, it was because I loved his craftsmanship with his roles. He just really blended into every role SO well! Then, once I started doing more “research” on him I fell in love with his kindness! It’s just so over and above and sometimes unnecessary, but so heartwarming. Then, a little later when I found out about the case, I really felt for him. From the very beginning I was VERY confused it sounded NOTHING like the kind man I was “researching” ..then I saw the evidence and facts and it made no sense.”


~ Claire Q.

“If someone is willing to destroy another one’s life and reputation by false accusations, we have to stand up and support the real victim. In this case it’s Mr. Depp, there are so many others in our private lives. Abuse has no gender, evidence matters. That’s worth fighting for.”

~ Nicole ( Braendie)

“He has given my faith a kick in the butt! Something I lost in 2011 …”


~ Jenny Ellingsworth

“I feel I have no choice but to stand up and fight for Johnny, his children and against one of my sons possibly becoming a victim one day If she is able to get away with this. Which means I am actually fighting for myself and my own happiness in the end! I didn’t know about it till the tapes. By the time I was done listening I just wanted to shove a rag in her mouth to shut her up. My heart flew out for Johnny. I could hear his pain but all I heard from her was more vile, evil crap.”


~ Julie Rogers

“Because he is gentle and he is innocent. I believe him!”


~ CK

“I support Johnny Depp because unreputable evidence shows AH created a hoax w/her friends, along w/ACLU to defame & frame JD for DV. They all used the
#Metoo movement to push it. The only person hurt here is JD, he deserves all of the justice & I will stand w/ Johnny Depp!”

~ @WCmeshfighter

“Because I am sick & damn tired of Neurodiverse people like Depp being horrifically abused, sometimes even murdered!

Only to have the media to then vilify us, call us burdens, uncontrollable, non-feeling monsters!”




~ Tiffany Daniels aka The Lady Autist


“I believe in #JusticeforJohnnyDepp
because he is innocent. First his eyes and his gaze screamed that he
was innocent and then the more than 300 pages, audios, videos,
testimonies, and endless evidence CONFIRMED him.”

~ @KarMarDanMik


“JohnnyDeppDeservesJustice 🙏✊💯⚖️”


~ @janice_tylock

“I am #JusticeforJohnnyDepp because I believe in the facts and evidence. There is so much that proves his innocence. No one should have to go through any pain alone. Justice is long-overdue!”



~ Libby

“I support Johnny Depp because I believe in the evidence provided proving that he’s innocent. I believe JD because from this community I found the recordings and heard for myself the gaslighting AH did on him. I am here because JD opened my eyes to DV abuse on men.”

~ Rebecca

“Because it is disgusting to destroy someone’s life for money and fame … because it is barbaric to play a professional victim and feel good about it … because it is dangerous to become a victim of a narcissist/sociopath and the symptoms are not well known.”

~ Allyana

“I’m #JusticeforJohnnyDepp, not because I’m a paid bot, I believe Johnny Depp to be innocent. For too long male victims of Domestic Violence have been overlooked because men have always been seen as the stronger sex, this isn’t https://t.co/qn4oZwmq3r need to be believed.”

~ Charmaine


“Because he is innocent and has had so much taken from him!”


~ @JaninaSamhain

“I will fight with my last breath for the truth! I too am a DV survivor. I see my abuser in her. Why should abusers destroy ppls lives & then just carry on with no punishment?! No! Stand up & be heard.”



~ Katiebee

“False accusations ruin lives, not just of the victim but their families too. When it’s this hard for #JohnnyDepp to get justice with so much evidence, ordinary people have no hope. It can be just, she said. Evidence matters.

Also, IT’S SO OBVIOUS she’s lying.”

~ Steph

“I believe in justice! I’m a DV survivor. I just can’t get over the injustice in this all. I wish him well and many blessings.”

~ Shirley Hicks

“I support Johnny because I believe in human equality and rights. The more I read about the statistics of men being abused losing their children, or killing themselves because of abuse, the more I support the men who come forward.”


~ Aria

“I support him because he is fighting for the truth, his family and all DV victims that were openly mocked by her. I support him because he has no issues admitting his issues of drugs and alcohol, has she? Nope, she hasn’t. Always placing blame on others. She is just literally trash.”

~ @kacemae03


Abuse has NO particular gender!



And Male Too!

I believe in Johnny Depp 101%

Justice for Johnny Depp”

~ @LadySadiePirate

“Ich Hoffe Nur Das Alle AH Fan Endlich Die Augen Aufgehen Wegen Die Vielen Beweise Die Johnny Depp Hat Er Hat Sogar Ein Polizeivision Bodycams Und Mehre Fotos Handy Vidios Sind Fӓlschungen Sagt Ein Gutachter Er Ist Unschuldig Sagen Die Beweise”

~ @Regina66306138

“Because I love him. Actor, artist, brilliant star 🌟

But I’m here because I am a survivor of DV and IPV. It hurts that she is getting away with abusing him. Double standards hurt men and women.”

~ Liza C.

“I support Johnny Depp cause he’s innocent of all the shit his disgusting ex has accused him of. I NEVER believed AH, I always knew that Johnny would NEVER do anything like that!”

~ Elizabeth

“Wow, this is a hard one, really. So many reasons that I support #JohnnyDepp. I believe he deserves justice, to have his name cleared. All evidence shows that he never did the things she has accused him of doing. JD has been thru pure hell. His name, family, character has all been pulled thru this ordeal. He is the victim of DV. He has stood up and I’m standing up too, for and with him and all of us! Not one person in this world has the right to cause so much pain on anyone. There is no one that I had rather stand up 4 than #JD. Nobody has the right to take away a person’s life, happiness, lively hood and cause this much sorrow. The world needs to know that we stand for right and #JohnnyDepp is Right!”


“These are a few reasons that I support, defend, love, protect him.

With Love & Respect”

~ Lisa Drew

“I support Johnny because he is the kindest most giving & loving person. When my daughter was being bullied and having a hard time with her dad’s illness, he put the biggest smile on her face which I will hold in my heart forever. He deserves nothing but the best of everything.”

~ Nina Allen

“Mr. Depp is real. His light, energy & encouragement to move forward even when things are tough has never changed. 12 seconds of tape & I just knew in my bones he was innocent. The truth is obvious & support cloud is thunderous! I stand up without hesitation, as I would for a brother.”

~ Annabel M. Graham

“I support #JohnnyDepp because of who he is .. an innocent man. The thought of anyone being vilified and humiliated for something they didn’t do is heartbreaking. The thought of someone gaining from the lies they told is sickening. The injustice must be made right.”

~ Robbie

“I believed AH in 2016, having no idea of any details or knowing much about either of them. When the tapes dropped, I realized I’d been duped, but when the media didn’t cover it, I knew the fix was in and I had to share the truth. In the process, I became a huge Depp fan.”

~ 🍕🐈

“Because all the evidence proves that JD was horrifically abused for years by the woman he loved and tried to help. Not only does AH still abuse JD by continuing to lie about what she did to him, but the organizations that claim to help victims help AH to further abusing JD.”

~ @ErikTwan

“I always heard horrible things about AH from 2013. When JD married her, it felt REALLY WRONG. When I heard, right after the wedding, JD slept on the couches of friends to avoid this woman and that she was real trouble, I believed it. The hoax TRO was a scrupulously orchestrated scam. It was obvious. Then AH sought out allies in Hollywood and started her media campaign as the savior of battered women. JD was suing the Hollywood establishment, so then Hollywood’s media machine joined her to take him down.”

~ @LegalEase6

“People need to educate themselves on the facts of this case and not spew malicious crap.”


~ @Catlover4911

“I am #JusticeforJohnnyDepp because I know he is a kind, loving man who was used, abused & falsely accused! I have been a fan of his work/art for years. I knew in my heart that he was not an abuser & evidence proves it! The injustice must be corrected!”

~ Tiffany

“I was unaware for a really, long time about all this. It was 2020, a little bit before the UK trial that I became invested & opened Twitter in support. Glad I did. My first thoughts after discovering all this; AH is evil. I believe JD 💯 Listening to those audios made me stand firmly on the right side of the roaring rapids 🙌.”


~ @s_sans_s

“I never believed the accusations against him. I couldn’t understand why MSM weren’t reporting on the actual facts/evidence surrounding this case. I dusted off the Twitter account I had never used and was delighted to know THE TRUTH was in fact getting out there 👍.”

~ @MammaSmitch